When we first initiated this company, we materialized an important and well-known trajectory in the massive consumption products market and the experience to manage national companies, as well as Multi-nationals.

This previous experience has allowed us to generate an excellent relationship with Directors, managers, and buyers from our main accounts as well as with the majority of commerce in this market.

We work e very single day professionally, honesty and transparency, to maintain such relationship with our supplier “partners” , We do have the necessary strategic alliances to ensure a professional service, always focused in complying with our customers and consumers.

MISSION: To work focused on the development and strengthening of brands with massive consumption, empowering distribution, specializing ourselves in each one of the market´s channels.

VISION: To be recognized as a dynamic company, specialized in generating value for the brands it represents, aiming at the growth and development of its employees, customers and suppliers. “we build relevant competitive advantages for our brands”.

“we build relevant competitive advantages for our brands”.


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