Inc. Introductora de Bs. As., and Dos Anclas S.A. make up an entrepreneurial holding since 1901 dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of table salt, condiments, spices, vinegars and olive oil to homes consumption. Throughout its history it has become the leading company in the Argentine market, relying on its production technology and the quality of its products to be projected internationally, and to be one of the best in the world today. Present in all Argentine homes and in most industries that process food, the Dos Anclas brand has become the number 1 in the sector and renew year after year its commitment to quality and the goal of fulfilling its mission : Become the name of the flavor in all Argentine households and extend it to foreign markets.

Sitio oficial 2 Anclas

(+598) 2710 22 69

ROQUE GRASERAS 694, Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay.


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